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(C) 2013, Blood Soaked Graphics.(C) 2013, Blood Soaked Graphics.

Book Cover Design for William Cook - (C) wookieart, 2012. Book Cover Design. (C) Wookieart. 2012.Recent book cover commission (C) wookieart, 2012. Book available here:

(C) wookieart, 2012.Cover design commissioned for ‘Surreal Grotesque’ magazine. (C) wookieart, 2012. Read for free here:

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Book Cover Christmas Sale

Well it's the end of a very busy year and I have some unsold book covers that need a home. These covers are all original and are available as specially priced for this weekend only. All payments are via - first come, first served. Prices range from between $25 - $50. Merry Christmas!

Ebook Cover - $25 (+ Text - $40)

Print Book Cover - wraparound - $50 (+Text - $70)

Print Book Cover - wraparound - $50 (+Text - $70)

Ebook Cover $40 (+Text - $50)

EBook Cover - $35 (+Text - $50)

EBook Cover - $50 (+Text - $70)

EBook Cover - $25 (+Text - $40)

Print Book Cover - wraparound - $50 (+Text - $70)

E-Book Cover - $25 (+Text - $40)

E-Book Cover - $25 (+Text - $40)

E-Book Cover - $35 (+Text - $50)
E-Book Cover - $30 (+Text - $50)

E-Book Cover - $35 (+Text - $50)

Print Book Cover - wraparound - $50 (+Text - $70)

E-Book Cover - $30 (+Text - $45)
 New updated book cover prices and others available here:

New Design work - Book Covers

I've been doing quite a few design projects lately and as a consequence seem to be improving in my techniques and applications of Photoshop CS. If you need a book cover, CD/DVD cover or Poster - please email me or leave a comment below with email address and I'll get back to you. While I have been learning and primarily doing work for Indies my prices are still comparatively cheap. I will be having a price increase next year as I move into a more professional employment of my growing abilities. Thanks for looking and be sure to follow this blog and share a couple of links - Support Indie :)

For Nightscape Press -

For the infamous Jake Bannerman -

For RJ Parker and RJ Parker Publishing -

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