Character Design - Portrait

Ink, Pencil + Photoshop

Conceptual Metallica T-shirt Design (unlicensed)

Ink, Collage, Pen + Photoshop

Illustration - Wolfman Lycanthrope

Ink, pen + Photoshop

Design - logo

Ink on A4 paper + Photoshop [colour]

Character Illustration for Short Fiction work

Pen, ink + Photoshop

Character/Monster Illustration for Short Horror Fiction work

Ink, Pen + Photoshop on A4 Paper

Character Study - Monster - 'Keeper of The Crypt', influenced by Dark Crystal creature

Pen, Ink + Photoshop

Charcter Illustration for Short Fiction work

Charcoal & Graphite + Photoshop on A4 paper

Charcter Illustration for Short Fiction work

Pen, Ink + Photoshop ('Cutout' filter)

Character Study - from Black Sabbath album cover (variation of)

Pen, Ink + Photoshop on A4 paper

Painting - Frankenstyle

Mixed Media, Ink, Acrylic Paint, Poster Paint, Collage on A2 Paper

Painting - Jeremy

Mixed Media, collage, ink, Acrylic Paint, Stickers on A2 Paper

Conceptual Story Illustration

Indian Ink, Water Colour, Gold Paint on A3 Paper

Cartoon Character Conceptual Design Sheet

Ink, Pen + Photoshop on A4 paper [slightly twisted version of Sonic the Hedgehog]

Cartoon Character Conceptual Design Sheet

Ink, Pen + Photoshop on A4 paper

Character Design

Ink, pen + photoshop [colour] on A4 paper

Portrait of Hart Crane (American Poet)

Charcoal, Graphite, Coloured Pencil, Pastel on A3 paper

Head Case - conceptual character design

Charcoal, Pencil & Ink on A3 paper

Dark Knight Sentry - Horror Book Cover [conceptual design]

Charcoal, coloured pencil, pencil, fixative on A3 paper

Pi Principle Design

Pencil, Pen, Ink & Gold Paint or Paper A4

L'art De Mourir, L'art De L'homme

Ink, Acrylic, Spray paint and Stencil on A3 Paper

Jack Kerouac & 5 Deaths

Mixed Media on A2 vinyl wallpaper, acrylic, collage, rubbing, stencil, spray-paint and polyurethane.

Story illustration

Pencil, pen and coloured pencil and charcoal on A3 paper.

Red Lady Mesmer

Small format ink and gold paint on coloured card [150 x 200]

Portrait of Kurt Cobain - R.I.P.

A3 format - ink & pencil on paper

Death and the Maiden

Small format ink, gold paint on coloured card [150 x 200].


Small format ink and gold paint on coloured card [150 x 200]

Death Visits Many Times - painting on canvas

Large format painting on canvas [800 x 1.6]. Acrylic, Poster Paint, Spray Paint, Stencil.

Abstract/Pop Art Painting on Canvas - Jack Kerouac x 25

This work is part of a triptych on unstretched canvas. Acrylic, poster paint, spray paint, stencil on canvas. Large Format [800 x 1.6]

Portrait of James Joyce V

“Old father, old artificer
Stand me now and ever
In good stead”

5th Portrait of Joyce for J Laird's dissertation on Joyce's work.

Portrait of James Joyce IV

4th commissioned work for JW Laird's critique of Joyce's Ulysses.

Portrait of James Joyce III

3rd illustration/Portrait commissioned for JW Laird's other critcial analysis of Joyce's Ulysses. If you want a portrait done or need an illustration of a person similar to these all I need is a photograph (preferably Black & White) and I can do the rest. Accepting commission work under payment terms and conditions only (available on request). Email me on

Portrait of James Joyce II

2nd Illustration/portrait commision for J Laird's critique of Finnegan's Wake. Sorry about image quality.

Portrait of James Joyce I

This is one of a series of illustrations done for John Laird's critical analysis of Finnegan's Wake, available online here.


Picasso With Indian Head-dress

Ennui Incarnate

Psychotic Episode

Killer Clown

Guard at the Gate

Blood Red Dead

Love Victorious

Peace Process Silently Feared

A Fractured Mind

Homage to Billie Holiday

Portrait of Salvador Dali

Dream Master

En Passant